How does glass sealant glass coating make housework easier.

How does the Nano sealant and windshield sealant work on calcium deposits on glass and ceramic?

With Nano sealant and glass sealant, window cleaning or removing calcium deposits from the shower has never been easier.

CleanglaS Nano sealant glass sealant and windshield sealant gives a palpable instant lotus effect, or beading effect, invisible to the naked eye but which has hydrophobic (water-resistant)

and grime-resistant properties. This ensures that calcium or dirt deposits can’t easily take hold

and are lifted and carried away with water. These tiny, invisible points which make up the so-called “sacrificial layer”, are composed of the same substance as glass and guarantee a long-lasting, easy-to-clean effect.

Save time cleaning windows with CleanglaS nano sealant

With Nanosealant glass sealant, you can clean windows, glass surfaces and ceramic surfaces up to 4 times faster than with other products. You only need water and no other cleaners.  Even calcium deposits come away easily from a surface treated with the CleanglaS nano sealant / Glass coating. Save yourself from strenuous scrubbing in the future.

Professional, one of a kind liquid glass nano sealant with instant effect technology, now for home use 

Nanosealant and glass sealant, with high-tech nanotechnology and unique liquid glass-on-glass method, was developed from years of laboratory testing. Now you can use it on glass surfaces in your home or anywhere.

Apply and rub in, then rinse with water - finished! Sealing is nowthat easy.

Now you can experience clean, streak-free glass surfaces such as windows, enclosed porches or showers, with hardly any effort. Clean water and a cloth are all that’s necessary, no environmentally hazardous chemicals.

Nano sealant and glass sealant from Cleanglas gives you even more advantages!


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