Liquid glass - Genuine liquid glass technology with glass-on-glass effect.

CleanglaS glass sealant glass coating is different from other sealants.

Until now, sealing glass or ceramic was only possible through time and energy consuming nanotechnology. These are mostly made of several chemical layers which are applied to the surface.


CleanglaS Easy glass sealant is different. This glass sealant, developed over years of research for professional use, is a one-component system and is now available for home use.

The result of this unique glass-on-glass technology, based on the natural elements silicon, carbon und oxygen, is a

durable protection for your glass and ceramic surfaces. With CleanglaS, sealed surfaces are water-resistant (hydrophobic, or lotus effect) and greatly reduce the adhesion of dirt. The protective shield is  heat-resistant and scratch-proof.

When applied to a glass surface, this product immediately forms a 3-nanometer thick (3 millionths of a millimeter), glass-like, molecular matrix which creates a completely transparent, water and dirt-resistant protective shield on the surface. In contrast to other nanotechnology sealants, it doesn’t need several hours to set,

and doesn’t need to be strenuously polished in order to active the surface sealant.

Apply, rub in, rinse with water - finished! - how it works >>

An independent laboratory proved that germ contamination is greatly reduced whensurfaces are treated with CleanglaS glass sealant.

Cleanglas Molekularmatrix Lotuseffekt GlasversiegelungWhen CleanglaS glass sealant is applied, despite its tangibly smooth surface, the exact opposite occurs. Cleanglas produces small, glass-like points, which are invisible to the eye and which produce a hydrophobic (water-resistant) effect. This ensures that dirt deposits cannot cling to the surface, and can be lifted up and washed away with water. These tiny, invisible points, the so-called sacrificial layer, consists of the same substances as glass and gives CleanglaS glass sealant its easy-to-clean effect. With previous Nanosealants, different chemical substances are applied which place a synthetic layer of nanoparticles on the surface. If this is damaged, for example from rubbing (with a scrubber, sponge or an auto windshield wiper) or from cleaning products (surfactants), this layer cannot be applied again separately. The synthetically applied chemical layers must be laboriously removed from the sealed surface.


Liquid glass - nanosealant from CleanglaS – can be reapplied anytime.

But with CleanglaS glass sealant, thanks to its unique “glass-on-glass technology”, you can re-apply the sealant onto a surface previously sealed with Cleanglas at any time. This will only refill any possibly broken points. In contrast to other Nanosealants, this occurs entirely without chemicals and without the use of non-glass substances. CleanglaS glass sealant makes surfaces easy to clean and requires no setting time or strenuous polishing, unlike all other sealants.


Still cleaning? You could be chilling!

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