Cleanglas glass coating glass sealant - It’s easy to use!

CleanglaS glass sealant glass coating is a 1-Component system. The sealant is dissolved in pure alcohol (Isopropyl). This works as a carrier liquid and evaporates completely during application.
Surfaces must be clean, dry, and free of wax‚ grease, and oil before sealing.
Do not apply on top of older coating or sealant.

Do not use CleanglaS glass sealant glass coating in direct sunlight or on hot glass, as this will cause the alcohol necessary to distribute the concentrate to evaporate too quickly.
Never dilute the concentrate with water. Do not inhale alcoholic fumes!
The following video shows you how easy it is to use nano glass sealant. For the sake of better representation, we've shown you the sealing procedure using a skylight and an automobile windshield. The procedure is the same for all glass surfaces, such as windows, doors, skylights, glass shower doors, enclosed porches, etc.