The online shop is the official shop of the manufacturer of the CleanglaS glass coating sealant.  

The Hi Tech Nano CleanglaS technology, developed in years of research work for professionals, with its unique liquid glass-glass method is now available for private users. Apply and rub, rinse with water - ready. -

Once applied, long-lasting: thanks to its self-organizing SI structures, the CleanglaS glass sealant and pane seal form a long-lasting soldering effect on the surface. Experience the incomparable effect of EasyCleaning with strip-free cleaned glass surfaces and anti-lime protection effect.

Removing stubborn dirt or deposits such as lime can only be removed with water and a cloth without the use of cleaning chemicals.   The CleanglaS glass sealant is particularly suitable for all

uncoated glass and ceramic surfaces, e.g.  

  • window
  • Roofwindows
  • Conservatory
  • Glass shower
  • Bathroom and sanitary fittings
  • Sink
  • Ceramic
  • Cooking fields
  • Windshields
  • Automotive glass
  • Car Glass


CleanglaS ® glass coating and sealant is produced exclusively in Germany according to the highest quality standards. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Quality, which starts with the recipe, the selection of the raw materials and the production and does not stop the sale and delivery process. CleanglaS ® glass sealant is produced according to a worldwide unique formula and produced and bottled under the highest quality standards. You will make a good decision for CleanglaS ® glass sealing. These are our quality promises you can count on:  

1. CleanglaS glass sealing quality:

CleanglaS ® glass sealing is produced exclusively in Germany. A production with German know-how and the highest quality standards is the basis for the uniqueness of our product. Because of this, CleanglaS ® glass sealing has a unique and unrivaled performance.  

2. CleanglaS glass sealing company:

We develop and produce not only in Germany but also distribute and distribute from Germany and are your contact here, not from abroad.  

3. CleanglaS glass seal Production:

CleanglaS ® glass sealing is developed, produced and bottled under the highest quality standards. This ensures highly professional, transparent and safe production processes and thus the highest product quality.  

4. CleanglaS glass sealant Product:

CleanglaS ® glass sealant has been tested by independent laboratories. For more information, please visit

5. CleanglaS glass seal Fair price guarantee:

We distribute directly to you, the end customer. No wholesaler who wants to earn, no retailer, no expensive sales channels. These savings are invested in quality and a fair price.

6. CleanglaS glass seal Fair price guarantee 2:

CleanglaS ® glass sealant is extremely productive and the bottle with 30 ml is enough for an area of approx. 24 m2. Therefore, the use of CleanglaS ® glass sealant results in an unbeatable price per square meter of the treated surface. Not a cheap product - and then the bottle is already consumed after a small area. CleanglaS ® glass sealant requires approx. 1.2 - 1.5 ml per square meter. Always. Very easily. Very fair.  

7. Ordering and payment:

safe and comfortable You pay the way you want. All data during the payment process are 128 bit encrypted and processed according to modern strict data protection regulations with large German institutes. We recommend payment via Paypal as a safe, uncomplicated and fast process. You can also pay by bank transfer (for a little longer) or by direct debit or invoice (additional costs may apply, please refer to the payment instructions).  

8. Delivery:

Worldwide service DHL, delivery from Germany DHL provides reliable and comprehensible, 6 days a week, the package is insured. About 98% is delivered by DHL within 24 hours from our warehouse. You will receive an e-mail with the tracking code for shipping, which is usually within 24 hours. So you always know where your package is. From service and quality, DHL is the premium consignor in our opinion - so we rely on DHL. And despite the premium service, you only pay 3,95 Euro shipping costs inside Germany (EU and abroad like US & Can with surcharge) - and from a purchase of 150 Euro we deliver without shipping costs for you!