The double award winning Nano coating and sealant for glass and Stone is CleanglaS and StoneprotecT

In independent tests by Dipl. Ing Lars Pilawski and the web portal at Bernaunet, as well as the independent sealing coating service company Nanonator, tests were carried out on nano sealing and coating for stone, as well as tests on glass sealing. Here, Cleanglas glass coating was awarded as a test winner.  

Good yield, excellent price performance ratio, and easy application of glass seal. For many products, only the price per ml is often compared, but the bottom line is what counts. Namely not how much in it but how much m2 one can seal with it. The marketing industry knows that you can generate a lot with volume, but the smart consumer knows: Calculate the m2 price and compare. The glass sealant and coating as well as the stone coating from CleanglaS and StoneprotecT achieves a very good price performance ratio. Our glass seal and Stone sealant has also been able to convince and convince you with its very easy and instant application.

Further advantages of the ClenglaS glass cover  

Our Cleanglas test winner's nano-sealant glass sealant offers further tremendous advantages compared to conventional polymer-based nanoflacements glass sealants.  

  • Easy to use
  • No curing time
  • Ideal dosage
  • No polishing
  • No surface-filling nanopolymers
  • No nanoparticles to be activated No free nanoparticles Instant Effect - Apply and immediately finished.
  • Can be refreshed and refreshed at any time within seconds.    

The complete test results can be found   HERE at the portal Bernaunet or HERE on Nanonator